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    Quick Tips for Identifying a Bed Bug Infestation

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Bed bugs are on the rise in America, and homeowners across the country are worried that they might be next. Luckily, it can be relatively easy to spot a bed bug infestation in your home. If you wake up with itching bites on your back, arms, and legs, you may have bed bugs. Look for dark brown or red spots on your sheets and pillow cases to confirm whether or not you have bed bugs. You should also look for bed bugs in armchairs, sofas, and along floorboards.

    If you suspect that you have bed bugs in your home, contact Baco Exterminating, Atlanta’s premier bed bug treatment company. Our team of experienced pest control technicians can remove your bed bug infestation in no time at all. Visit our website or call us at (877) 440-6862 to learn more about our bed bug treatment solutions.

    "Punctual and Professional"-Great Review for Baco Exterminating!

    Last updated 23 days ago

    We have had Baco Exterminating for several years and now they service our rental property. The Service Tech was punctual and professional. We were even provided tips to maintain our new additions from pest issues. More

    How to Inspect for Bed Bugs

    Last updated 23 days ago

    Bed bug infestations are on the rise in America, and every home is a potential nesting site. Even if you don’t notice any of the tell-tale signs of bed bug activity, it doesn’t hurt to check your home for bed bugs at least once a month. Look at the seams, edges, and the ribbon that goes around the outside of the mattress when inspecting your bed. Also look for bed bugs on nightstands, dressers, upholstered chairs, and along baseboards. Watch this video to learn how to inspect for bed bugs and what to look for.

    If you notice bed bugs in your home, call Baco Exterminating. We are Atlanta’s most trusted bed bug extermination company. We use the latest techniques and extermination tools to rid your home of bed bugs for good. Visit our website or call us at (877) 440-6862 to learn more about our bed bug extermination services.

    Caring For Your Lawn During the Summer Months

    Last updated 1 month ago

    While spring lawn care is about getting your lawn healthy and green, summer lawn care is about keeping your lawn looking great while temperatures soar. Summer lawn maintenance is also about keeping your lawn looking presentable for all of the barbecues and backyard parties you’ll be hosting until fall. To help keep your lawn in shape during Atlanta’s smoldering summer months, here are some summer lawn care tips from the experts at Baco Turf Services.

    Don’t Over Water

    Georgia turf generally requires ¾” to 1” of water per week, though as much as 1½” to 2” of water may be needed during severe heat waves. Although you may be tempted to give your lawn a long, cold drink of water each day, avoid over watering to keep your lawn green and healthy. Water deeply and less frequently to encourage drought-tolerant roots, and use a rain gauge to keep track of the amount of water received from rainfall and irrigation.

    Raise Your Mower Blade

    A tightly cut lawn may look sharp, but taller grass is actually better for your lawn during the summer months. Not only does taller grass grow deeper, more drought-tolerant roots, but it also helps shade the soil which prevents weed seeds from germinating. Cool-season grasses (fescue, bluegrass, and rye) should be mowed at 3” to 4” in the summer, while warm-season grasses (Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bermuda) should be mowed at 2” to 3”. 

    For more lawn maintenance tips, contact Baco Turf Services. Just as Baco Exterminating can help you keep your home pest and termite free, Baco Turf Services can help create your dream lawn. Visit our website to learn more about our residential and commercial turf management services. If you have any questions about lawn care or pest control in Atlanta, please give us a call at (877) 440-6862.

    Roaches! Your Shoe Won't Kill an Infestation

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Cockroaches are not only annoying creatures, but they can carry diseases. In fact, there are a number of reasons why you should contact a pest control professional to remove cockroaches from your Atlanta property as soon as they are spotted.

    Cockroaches Carry Diseases
    Dysentery, gastroenteritis, and salmonella are among the diseases that cockroaches can pass to humans. Diseases are most commonly transmitted to humans by cockroaches via the depositing of feces on food or silverware that is then consumed or used by humans.

    Cockroaches Multiply Rapidly
    The German cockroach, the most common type found in the United States, can produce up to 30 offspring per month. In comparison to some insects, this may not sound like a lot. Cockroaches, however, are larger and more resilient than many other common household pests. If a group of 25 cockroaches—half of them female—invades your home, the cockroach population in your home could increase well into the hundreds in less than a month.

    Cockroaches Aggravate Asthmatic Conditions
    When cockroaches die, especially if they have been crushed, their bodies are reduced to small fragments that can get mixed up with hair and skin follicles and other allergens in the dust present in your home. Repeated exposure to dust containing these fragments can cause asthma and allergic reactions.

    Cockroaches Smell
    Perhaps a less substantive—but still a very real—reason to hire an exterminator to take care of your cockroach problem sooner rather than later is that cockroaches leave behind an odor that is just as rancid as the rotten food they feed on. In fact, an unpleasant smell that does not have an easily identifiable source is a sign that cockroaches could be crawling around your home.

    Are you a resident of the Greater Atlanta area whose home is crawling with cockroaches? Before your home becomes completely infested, contact Baco Exterminating to eliminate the problem. Well-trained and highly experienced, our pest control professionals can eliminate existing cockroaches and treat your home to deter additional roaches from invading in the near future. To speak with a member of our team about our services, call (770) 409-8882!


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