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    Do You Have Well Water?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Does your property rely on ?well water? With ?the ‎Sentricon Termite Elimination System, there’s no hazard of ground water contamination. Liquid ?termite applications can’t say the same!

    What the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture Says About Termites

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Georgia’s humid subtropical climate provides ideal living conditions for subterranean termites, which have long fed on deadwood found within state borders. As the state’s population has grown and Georgia has developed, termites have developed a keenness for homes and businesses in the Atlanta area and throughout the state. As a result of the risk of termite infestation, the Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture recommends having any property that you are considering investing in inspected for signs of current or past termite infestation.

    Since clearance letters indicating whether or not a building is and always has been free from termite damage are no longer required in all real estate transactions in Georgia, this inspection is especially important. Properties that are currently covered under termite warranties are especially attractive to those looking to buy property in Georgia because such warranties are often transferable.

    If you own real estate that you are interested in selling soon or you are currently considering purchasing new property, Baco Exterminating’s warranty-backed termite treatment solutions may be perfect for you. To learn about the revolutionary Sentricon and Termidor elimination and protection systems we use that enable us to provide widely accepted termite clearance letters, call (877) 440-6862.

    Treatment Options for Keeping Termite Colonies Away From Your Home

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Quiet, minute, and sly, termites are a pest that can live on a homeowner’s property for many months without being detected. Because termites can inflict considerable damage to a home in that length of time, homeowners are wise to safeguard their homes against termite infestation with the most effective treatment option available to them.

    For an overview of the differences between liquid termiticide and bait treatment options, watch this brief video clip. In it, you will be introduced to the Sentricon bait system, a revolutionary product that is by leaps and bounds the most reliable way to eliminate entire termite colonies and prevent future infestation.

    The Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination system can only be applied by certified industry professionals, and Baco Exterminating is one of them. To schedule a Sentricon treatment application appointment for your Atlanta area home, call us at (877) 440-6862.

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Termites

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Termites are known to most homeowners for their ruthless destruction of wooden building foundations. If you live with the ever-present fear that termites could be turning your home into insect food without your knowing it and you wish to learn more about termites so that you can identify them, read through these answers to commonly asked questions about termites.

    How Does One Identify Termites?

    To have success identifying termites, one must know what they look like and what to look for. Many termites are roughly the same size as ants, but those that most frequently come into contact with humans have wings and are called “swarmers.” In addition to encounters with flying swarmers, homeowners may see groups of dead swarmers on the ground or mud tubes running along a home’s foundation.

    How Much of a Threat do Termites Pose?

    A termite can eat its weight in cellulose in a matter of hours. Thankfully, termites are small. Still, a colony of termites can cause considerable damage in six months’ time. Termite-chewed wood affects the structural integrity of a home, denting its resale value and often necessitating expensive structural repairs. In the United States, an estimated $5 billion worth of property damage is caused by termites each year.

    How Can I Prevent Termites?

    To keep termites from trespassing on your property, you can hire a pest control professional to treat your home with a highly effective termite solution such as Sentricon or Termidor. These systems have been proven to be more effective than most, and can be administered by only specially trained pest control professionals. At the first sign of termite infestation, contact an experienced termite exterminator to inspect and treat your home.

    At Baco Exterminating, we offer the most advanced and highly effective termite control and prevention solutions in Atlanta. If you think that termites are living in and feeding on your Atlanta home right now or you want to safeguard your home against future termite infestation, call us at (877) 440-6862.

    Believe It Or Not: Bed Bugs

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Despite several years in the pest world’s limelight, there are still myriad public misconceptions about the bed bug. Five of the most prevalent myths according to Scientific American are:

    1. Bed bugs can fly. They lack wings. End of story.
    2. Bed bugs live exclusively in mattresses. If only.
    3. Bed bugs transmit disease. Despite harboring human pathogens, there still are no reported cases of bed bugs transmitting disease.
    4. We should bring back DDT. When it was banned in 1972, bed bugs had already become impressively resistant to it. And … it’s DDT.
    5. You can spray bed bugs away (with consumer products). Just spray and — tah-dah! Not likely.

    By PMP Staff

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