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5 Facts You Didn't Know About Termites

Last updated 2 years ago

Most people think of termites as insatiable nuisances that will eat an entire home if given the chance. While this is largely true, it doesn’t paint the whole picture. Here are a few interesting facts about termites that you probably didn’t know: 

  1. They cause billions of dollars in damage:
    Termites are notorious for eating through wood support beams. Every year, these hungry creatures cause around $22 billion in property damage around the world. The average termite-infested home incurs around $3,000 in repairs.                                                                                                               
  2. They’re good for the environment:
    Though termites are terrible for homeowners, they’re great for the environment. These insects are extremely efficient at breaking down dead plant material so it can support new life. If you see termites in the wild, take a moment to appreciate how they help out Mother Nature; if you see them in your home, call an exterminator.
  3. They work all day and night:
    Once termites get a foothold on your property, they literally will not stop until there’s nothing left or until a pest control specialist stops them. Adult termites are active 24 hours a day, without dedicating a moment to sleep or rest.
  4. They create the largest nests:
    Some termite nests can grow as large as 600 feet in diameter, the largest in the insect world. In hot climates, termites tend to build mounds above the ground—the tallest of which is an incredible 41 feet high.
  5. Most of them are blind:
    Virtually all worker and soldier termites are completely blind, gaining information through pheromones and vibrations instead. Since most termites live underground, they have no need for eyes. In fact, some termites will shrivel up and die if exposed to sunlight or dry air.

Though termites are fascinating insects, they simply don’t mix with humans. If you suspect that termites are making a meal out of your home, contact Baco Exterminating right away. We’re proud to provide our Atlanta-area clients with quick, effective, and affordable pest control. Call us today at (770) 409-8882 to get started.


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