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    Tips for Choosing a Pest Control Company

    Last updated 2 days 2 hours ago

    Some pests are a nuisance that can keep you awake at night and cause some skin irritation. Others carry harmful viruses that can send you or someone in your household to the hospital. Others still, such as termites, will not bother you personally but are capable of inflicting thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to your home.

    In order to combat the presence of an existing pest infestation or prevent termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and bed bugs from making your home theirs, you need the help of a skilled and knowledgeable pest control professional. For tips on finding a pest control company with whom your money will be well spent, watch this video clip with research entomologist Jeff White. If you live in the Atlanta area and would like to work with a pest control company that has more than two decades of experience and several relevant affiliations, call Baco Exterminating at (877) 440-6862.

    Pill Bug Better Known as Rollie-Pollies

    Last updated 6 days ago

    The pill bug spends its entire life on land and live in wet damp locations. They can be found under damp objects or in organic garbage. If pill bugs enter your home, they will often dry out and die. Their shells look like armor and they are known for their ability to roll into a ball. Most pill bugs live for up to two years. They are most active at night.

    Dust Mites

    Last updated 7 days ago

    The dust mite is nearly impossible to see without magnification. A typical mattress can contain tens of thousands of dust mites. Nearly 100,000 mites can live in a single square yard of carpet!

    Dust Mites are harmless to most people. They carry small foreign proteins, often referred to as allergens. They don't carry diseases, but these proteins can cause allergic reactions in some people.

    • Change your bed sheets frequently.
    • Vacuum frequently using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
    • If Dust Mites are a real problem in your home, call you pest management specialist

    Common North American Fruit Flies

    Last updated 8 days ago

    Fruit flies are commonly found in homes, restaurants and other facilities where food is processed. They are especially attracted to garbage that has just been sitting around. Fruit flies feed on decaying fruits and vegetables. They can be difficult to control, luckily they only live for 8-10 days. On the downside, females Fruit Flies lay around 500 eggs, using rotting fruit or vegetables as their nest, therefore, insuring a continuous supply of new Fruit Flies to deal with.

    Remove kitchen trash every day, keep kitchen counters clean and quickly remove rotting food from your home. These general sanitary actions will help reduce fruit fly infestation.

    The Common House Fly

    Last updated 9 days ago

    These nasty pests get their name from being the most common fly found around homes. Adult House flies can grow to one-quarter of an inch long and usually live between 15 and 25 days. House flies taste with their feet, which are 10 million times more sensitive to sugar than the human tongue! Their mouths absorb food like a sponge and they can only eat liquids. They can turn many solid foods into a liquid through spitting or vomiting on it, they are indeed nasty creatures. Their tongues are shaped like straws so they can suck up their food. They eat any wet or decaying matter, but they are particularly attracted to pet waste because the odor is strong and it is easy for them to find.

    House Flies can carry over 100 different kinds of disease causing germs.

    •  Keep you homes clean.
    •  Remove trash regularly from your home and seal your garbage cans.
    • Clean up pet waste quickly.
    • Use screens on doors and windows to prevent flies from getting into your home.

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